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Welcome to Odyssey Vedic Astrology.  My name is Victor Haug.  Here you will find resources for understanding astrology more deeply.

I am an avid fan of classical studies—from Greek mythology to Homer to Vyasa’s Mahabarata—I love reading about human beings’ struggle to be great.  The classics teach us about heroes’ battles against external foes as well as with their own psychology.  When I began to love astrology I immediately found an ally in my own attempts to understand human beings’ psychology—to understand the roots of who we are and how we can be better.

I was drawn to religious teachings from a young age and my parents encouraged and nurtured my interests.  Being raised in Montana, there were times when my eclectic philosophical interests attracted unwanted attention from my peers but I persisted and eventually found friends who could share in my search for deeper meaning.  I attended Stanford where I studied Classics and was on the varsity wrestling team.  Greek Tragedy and epic poetry satisfied some of my intellectual appetite but left me wanting more.  The elite academic world has its advantages but I found its future decidedly unsatisfying in spite of its promised material security and some degree of prestige.

After college I embarked on a series of travels, most notably to ashrams in Italy and India where I lived for several years.  During these travels I discovered astrology, in which I have found a friend to help me down my chosen path.  After my time overseas I returned to my home in Montana where I have worked as an astrologer and a carpenter.

Astrology possesses a more systematic and well-organized approach to understanding the entirety of the human experience than any other system of philosophy that I came across in university.  Carl Jung himself is quoted as saying that “astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”  There is no doubt that astrology is practiced by some charlatans who mislead people.   That being said, the science of astrology is still sound even though some of its practitioners are not.  I hope that if astrology is meant to help you that patience, practicality, and common-sense will help to guide you.  If they do, astrology can be an incisive and powerful tool to guide you towards self-awareness.