The Purpose of Our Talent

We love becoming skilled at music or sports or any number of activities.  But what is the deeper purpose of these endeavors and the talents that we develop?  In astrology, the third house is the house of skill and relates to Gemini and the quick mind that can assimilate information and develop talents with remarkable speed. 

In this house, our interests and our passion for learning and practicing hobbies and activities knows no end.  Our mind is stimulated by engaging in our hobbies and interests and we find a measure of satisfaction in these pursuits.  Gemini, however, can be fickle and to really excel and become truly talented and skilled in anything we need discipline.  With this discipline we can become supremely skilled.  Great musicians and athletes are gifted with the dexterity and quickness of mind to learn rapidly, but they are also blessed with the discipline to practice their craft for endless hours.

But even with this discipline to become great and supremely skilled, something more is needed, for what purpose is there in being a great musician or tradesman or athlete if we only serve ourselves.

A deeper fulfillment comes from serving others and this is also true in how we use our skills.  God gave us talents so that we can serve a greater purpose and help other people.  And we serve others not just for their well-being but also for our own well-being, for in service we go into our hearts and feel more joy and love.

The third house of talent is therefore connected to the sixth house of service.  These are two of the four so-called “cadent” houses of learning.  The other two cadent houses are the ninth house of philosophy and deeper learning and the twelfth house of meditation and completion of cycles.

The third and sixth houses can be seen as especially connected, however, because without skills we are limited in how we can serve, and without service our skills can’t realize their full potential.  But when we unite skill with service we learn a great deal about compassion and how to love those we serve. 

We need courage to take the first step to serve others with the talents that God has given us and the skills that we have developed.  Our selfishness and ego will fight to keep us from walking into the world in order to serve others but only because they know that stopping us before we start is their best chance to survive and to keep their hold on us. 

Once we are out serving and we feel, even once, the grace that comes from selflessness, we will keep seeking that higher joy and the fulfillment of God’s plan for how we can give to the world.

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