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“Victor’s readings for myself and my family were awakenings. His knowledge of the planets and how they spoke to our lives past, present and future shifted my perspective of who we are and who we may work to become.  Allowing me as an individual and as a mother to be more accepting of the aspects of our selves that can not be changed because they were written in the stars of who we are. I recall the readings often as a reminder.” -MN

“My session with Victor was amazing. He provided so much clarity and confirmation of things that I was feeling but couldn’t articulate. He has such deep knowledge and passion for astrology. I feel like that last few, tumultuous years of my life now make perfect sense, and I’m excited for the future.” -LS

“I had my first reading just out of curiosity.  Since I had never had a reading before I was really skeptical about it.  But, I have to say, it was really clarifying for me to know which is my actual dominant planet based on the sidereal zodiac.  My reading was like having a veil removed from my eyes, since I suddenly could see and feel empowered about my qualities that I already had in me, but was not aware of, due to the circumstances I was raised in.  While Victor was reading my astrology I felt empowered and more curious to get to know these dominant qualities in me and to develop them to the max.  Since then, I feel that I am more confident about my thoughts and feelings which has lead me to boost my deep analytical quality, dominated by mars.  The second time I requested a reading was for a specific crisis and Victor really pointed me in the direction that I needed to focus on and explained to me that it was going to pass soon.  Having him point me in the direction I needed to concentrate on gave me calmness and allowed me to change perspective on my crisis because it helped me to understand myself and therefore not to be so tough on myself.  I definitely recommend Odyssey Astrology if you want to have a path clarification.” -LB