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“Victor’s readings for myself and my family were awakenings. His knowledge of the planets and how they spoke to our lives past, present and future shifted my perspective of who we are and who we may work to become.  Allowing me as an individual and as a mother to be more accepting of the aspects of our selves that can not be changed because they were written in the stars of who we are. I recall the readings often as a reminder.” -MN 

Feel free to write to me with questions about the readings

Readings also available in Spanish

40 Minute Reading

Allows for a basic reading into the individual’s birth chart. This can also be used as a follow up reading to discuss transits or life questions.


60 Minute Reading

In addition to an analysis of the birth chart, this reading will usually include time for more discussion of the individual’s current dasha or planetary period as well as for some Q & A.


60 Minute Relationship Reading.

Comparing the charts of you and your partner we will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and identify strategies to improve your overall experience as a couple. Only for couples that have already received individual consultations.